By Majed G Taifour

Our societies today are as decadent as they could get.

And our governments are as corrupt as they may be.

Yet, we wonder why the hand of nature has struck us so hard.

Oh, people beware…

When the environment around us becomes out of balance…

When the wealthy prosper, while millions are jobless…

When governments spend people’s money on weapons instead of finding a cure for the pandemic…

When the rich live extravagantly, while the poor are without food or shelter…

Such banditry will inevitably be followed by civil chaos and public unrest.

And even worse… by natural disasters!

And when that happens, the hand of nature will strike again… much harder this time!

As Bill Gates put it mildly: “No one who lives through Pandemic I will ever forget it. And it is impossible to overstate the pain that people are feeling now and will continue to feel for years to come… Picture restaurants that only seat people at every other table, and airplanes where every middle seat is empty.”

This is horrific…

But what’s even more terrifying is that, to this day, more than 844,000 innocent people died of COVID 19, yet not a single world leader has been incarcerated, put in jail, or charged by an international tribunal with crimes against humanity or genocide!

Justice must be truly blind…

But when are we going to give it eyes?

When are we going to wake up to the sad and dark reality? that our own elected leaders are the ones killing us, one by one, old and young, poor and middle-class, black and white?

And why?

Just for the top few to survive?

Are you f’n telling me that for the 1% filthy rich and famous in the world, the rest of us must die?

So, instead of accusing our governments of human slaughter and premeditated murder of the innocent, we choose to cower in fear in our own homes and hide our faces behind masks to shield ourselves, not from the virus, but from the truth.

And the truth is…

That those same people we elected and sworn into office to protect and serve us have become our own executioners.

Yet, we succumb to our fears and allow those madmen, just like our fathers and grandfathers did for Hitler back in the 1930s, to use their prophesied powers against us, although we know damn well that they will soon plunge humanity into a mortal struggle for its own survival.

And the mortal struggle has already begun, although we’re too blind to see it…

If people in this world are still afraid to lose their fears, then they have already lost half the battle…

Still, the other half can still be won!

Time is on our side…

But only if we act now with determined, non-violent resistance all over the world, all at the same time, all with one voice.

Our world leaders are all one and the same… only they’re different wolves in sheep’s clothing.

They’re using racial discrimination, community bias, social segregation, sectarianism, and divide and conquer, to separate us all and fill our hearts with hate for one another.

When are we going to learn, people?

What I don’t understand is that despite being the smartest, most advanced generation maybe of all times… yet, we allow the ignorant, the ridiculous and the foul to rule us with a perverse gold standard for all that is wicked, all that is murderous, and all that is unholy.

Besides Adolf Hitler, the hymn of hate who plunged the world in darkness in the 1940s, I am unable to discern if Caligula was actually the worst person who ever lived? Or was it Genghis Khan, whose 12th-century wars killed 40 million people?

In fact, I see the Mao Zedong’s and Joseph Stalin’s of our modern times as even more mechanized, more industrialized and more animated in their killings than those dark icons of the previous eras.

I thought that the Holocaust was the worst the world could ever see…

I thought, now that we live in the 21st century, that the world would never see crimes beyond human imagining…

I thought we’ve changed…

I thought the world has changed…

Yet, it has turned evil again…

Therefore, it is time to confront evil with non-violent action.

It is time for civil disobedience…

Free from direct coercion, hostility and destruction of property.

Believe me…

Tyrants have no power — they may rant, scream, hurt and destroy, like those crazies we see on television and in the news…

But true power…

Can only be in the hand of those who have it.

And we, the people, are the only ones who have it!

Remember that when Shakespeare was quarantined because of the plague, he wrote ‘King Lear’.

it’s now our time to write a new chapter in… history!




Irrepressible, opinionated, and always politically incorrect, satirist Michael covers the week’s news and features its main events in his own distinct way.

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Michael Taifour

Michael Taifour

Irrepressible, opinionated, and always politically incorrect, satirist Michael covers the week’s news and features its main events in his own distinct way.

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